Construction Safety


One method is coaching construction site foremen to include safety in their daily verbal exchanges with workers to reduce work-related accidents.

It is important that the workers use the same speaking language to assure for the best communication. Another method is that all workers know how to properly work and use electronics, conveyors, skid-steer, trucks, aerial lifts, and other equipment on the construction site.

Also, equipment on the job site must be properly maintain and inspected regularly before and after each shift.

The equipment inspection system will help the operator to make sure that the machine is mechanically sound and in safe operating conditions. An employee should be assigned to inspect equipment to insure proper safety is being met. Equipment should have lights and reflectors if intended for night use. The glass in the cab of the equipment must be safety glass in some countries.

The equipment must be used for their intended task at all times on the job site to insure safety of the workers.

Each construction site should have a construction site manager. A construction site manager’s is an occupational health and safety specialist who designs and implements safety regulations to minimize injuries and accidents on construction sites.

He or she also is in charge of conducting daily safety audits and inspections to ensure compliance with government regulations.

Most construction site managers have an entry level experience or higher degree.

Before any excavation takes place, the contractor is responsible to notify all applicable companies that excavation work is being performed. During excavation, the contractor is responsible for providing a safe work environment for employees and pedestrians. Access and Egress is also an important part of excavation safety.

Ramps used by equipment must be designed by a person, qualified in structural design.

No person is allowed to cross underneath or stand underneath any loading or digging equipment. Employees are to remain at a safe distance from all equipment while it is operational. Employees that have training and education in the above areas will benefit their co-workers and themselves on the construction site.