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  • Torque is the go-to place for continuous self-improvement. The professional assistance and excellent courses is what make them special from any other private learning institute . I will recommend Torque to anyone who wants to learn more about quality control industry and be successful


Torque Engineering Consultants serves and guides educated youth to enter Quality Control industry. It offers quality education and will equip students on the day-to-day technical knowledge required to serve in Oil & Gas, Petroleum Fields, Airports, Shipyards,Rigs, and all realted Industires .Those who undergo our courses will be technically trained to fit in to industry. They are also trained on developing their skills other than academics and would be fed with lot of positive energy to perform the job better as part of the course.

Ten Good Reasons to Consider a Career in NDT 1. NDT is an exciting and challenging career field. 2. It is a growing career field. 3. It is a high technology field driven by computer technology. 4. The field of NDT is filled with opportunities for career growth and advancement. 5. The demand for qualified technicians is high. 6. The pay is good. 7. Education and training is readily available. 8. There are many different types of jobs. 9. There are NDT personnel working in all parts of the country. 10. The work can be very rewarding.

Placement: Torque gives 100% placement assistance to students since we get lot of opportunity or vacancy list from different companies as we get twice a week .Hence we can assist them very easily. As per their turn of joining, they can have placement guidelines and get placed.

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    Feel free to contact us on for any queries on the given numbers
    Ph: 0484 403 03 55 (office)
    Mob: 9037 00 40 72 (Mob)

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    You may please fill upon the registration form in the website or you may call to book your seats
    Ph: 0484 403 03 55 (office)
    Mob: 9037 00 40 72 (Mob)

  • Torque Institute of QC Studies

    Torque Engineering Consultants serves and guides educated youth to enter.

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Torque offers quality education to youth to serve in Oil & Gas, Petroleum Fields, Airports, Shipyards and all related industries.